Fall Commencement Details


Fall Commencement Details

NOTE: While UCCS is planning for both an in-person and virtual ceremony this fall, the following directions are valid for only an in-person ceremony. We will update our fall ceremony page when an update is issued regarding in-person or virtual celebrations. 

Graduates should arrive no later than 45 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony.

Graduates should enter The Broadmoor World Arena through the Penrose Club Entrance.

Only graduates are allowed on the floor level. Guests are not permitted on the arena floor at any time unless participating in the graduation ceremonies. This includes taking photos.

Due to limited space and the safety of our guests, family members of graduates are not permitted in the line-up area on the service level; this includes babies, children, parents, grandparents, etc.

Guest seating is available on a first come basis. Row K which runs the perimeter of the Broadmoor World Arena is available for handicapped seating. One portable folding chair is available in the area to accompany each wheelchair. 

Doors open at 12:30 p.m.

Please do not stand as it blocks the view of others.

Guests may save no more than two seats. Ten minutes prior to the start of the ceremony, the open seats will become available for others. Disputes in regards to saving seats may result in ejection from the Broadmoor World Arena.

Acceptable bag sizes include: Clear tote, clutch, purse, wallet and plastic storage bags. Diaper bags and medical bags will be allowed.

If you have a stroller or infant carrier/car seat, it must be checked at the Penrose Club Entrance. There is not room in the seating area for these items. Please hold small children on your laps.

The Broadmoor World Arena Concession Stands will be open for service. No outside food and beverage allowed.

  • The following Items will not be permitted inside of The Broadmoor World Arena
    • Helium Balloons
    • Beach Balls or Water Guns
    • Silly String or Confetti
    • Horns, Cow Bells, Sirens, or any other Noise Maker
    • WEAPONS (including items that resemble weapons)
    • Selfie Sticks
    • Large Signs, Posters or Pictures that obstruct the view of those around you
    • Recording Devices that will obstruct the view of those around you (i.e. Holding up an iPad/tablet, Tripods etc.)
    • Remote controlled recording devices (i.e. Drones)